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About us

The dinox group offers knowledge and experience for the execution of well-founded clinical studies and delivers high quality data for the development of modern drugs for women.



dinox is a CRO specialised in female health research. The dinox group provides consultancy services (dinox consultancy) and operates two investigational sites in Groningen (dinox bv) and Berlin (dinox GmbH).



dinox bv was founded in 1993 in Nijmegen and relocated to Groningen in 2004. dinox bv conducts trials with the specific requirements of studies in females, and is equipped to deal with the logistical challenge of large numbers of subjects requiring cycle-dependent transvaginal ultrasonography (TVUS) with frequent blood sampling, e.g. for the assessment of follicular growth. In cooperation with neighbouring CRO’s, providing overnight stays in Groningen, also PK/PD studies can be performed.
dinox GmbH was founded in 1999 as a second investigational site in Berlin. The ability to conduct trials under the same conditions with highly qualified staff at two investigational sites enables the dinox group to recruit large numbers of female volunteers for trials while generating reliable and consistent data.
Throughout the years, the experts at dinox have provided consultancy in: many clinical development programs, study design development, selection of pharmacodynamic assessments, interpretation of data from TVUS and hormone results, recruitment strategies and all aspects concerning the female population in clinical studies. A third company within the dinox group, dinox consultancy bv, was founded in 2013 providing these consultancy services.



dinox has been involved in the development of many hormonal contraceptive preparations and profertility drugs during the last 20 years. This comprises combined and progesterone-only oral preparations, vaginal rings, patches, implants and IUDs, treatment for dysmenorrhoea, endometriosis and subfertility and hormone replacement therapy. Furthermore, dinox has investigated a potential interaction of several drugs with standard combined oral contraceptives. A lot of the tested IMPs are meanwhile brand medicinal products.